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我公司自2002年北京建立独资工厂以来,主要销售和生产发电机焊机、发电机、管道焊接机、焊接工程车、救援抢险车、发动机焊机配件和相关售后维护项目等... ...

My company was founded 16 years, the main sales and production of generator welding machine, generator, pipe welding machine, welding engineering vehicles, rescue vehicles, engine welding machine parts and related aftermarket maintenance projects, etc.......


Our Awesome Features


DENOH welder is powered by the world-renowned engines adopted unique generating technology. It qualifies for downward welding with cellulose coating electrode in virtue of the high-efficiency generator, smooth arc and professional design. In addition, HW380 and the higher models, equipped with complete gauges, fuel-saving solenoid valves, oil alert system and current change-over switches, are suited to the high-quality welding in risky environment and severe weather by cooperating with Lincoln wire feeder for the outstanding semi-automatic welding.

钣金结构/Surface material

表面材质采用优质工业钢材,焊接口质量逐一安检,确保每个焊道的质量。外部钣金喷漆,防腐蚀性WF2 >10 不易生锈。

Surface material After using the best steel, welding quality security, to ensure that every after welding quality in good condition. External painting anticorrosive WF2 > 10 hard to rust.

支持加工定制/Support customized

我们拥有自己的工厂和技术研发团队。支持您的个性要求,可根据您的要求为不同发电焊机一体机定制相应更改,电流AC 电压AV 都可根据您的要求进行更改。

Our factory and technical team. Support your personality, generating welding machine according to your requirement changes, current AC voltage AV may change according to your request.

荣誉证书/Support System

国家高新技术企业认证;中国国家强制性产品认证(CCC);ISO 9001:9001质量管理体系;职业健康安全管理体系;环境管理体系等认证;焊接质量报告授权“管道局焊接技术中心的中国石油天然气集团公司”

Our company has obtained the following certificates:
China Compulsory Certification (CCC);ISO 9001: 2000;Welding Quality Report authorized by“Pipeline Bureau Weld Technology Center of China National Petroleum Corporation”


Why Choose Us?


We With the motto of “For precision, for innovation, for perfection!”, we continuously strive to pursue cutting-edge technology and friendly services to provide more efficient welding equipment for our customers.


product type


for a variety of welding rod, can well celluloseelectrode,Low hydrogen electrode and argon arc welding of all position welding.brushless, elicitor power generation technology,high power generation efficiency.with arc blow force regulating function, arc stability, little splash.equipped with fuel solenoid valve with high efficiency of welding machine.Than any other brand 40% energy saving equipment.

According to the requirements of the China's pipeline construction welding, on the basis of the original design has greatly improved the welding performance. Energy saving devices have automatic stopping and starting function. 2 welding joint welding function. Self-preservation welding function.

焊接救援车 & Welding rescue truck


遥控焊接工程车 & Remote welding engineering truck


拖拉机焊接车 & Welding tractor truck

全自动管道焊接设备全自动管道焊接设备 全自动管道外部焊接设备全自动管道外部焊接设备


Our Expertise

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我们的团队/Our Team

唐先生 销售 Mr Tang manager


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